Our proposition is a higher overall productivity of your company 

Toccaverde is a partner for success for professionals – Business leaders, CEOs, directors, managers – who are convinced that there is still untapped potential to develop in business.
We focus on business architecture (goals, organisation, processes) and human resources as key determinants of success. It is about excelling internally and efficiently capturing opportunities externally.  

  • considering the current situation, what could be a wished improvement within the next months, or years?
  • considering this wished improvement, what could be even better, what could go beyond this?
  • which key indicators (KPIs, behaviours, emotions etc.) will give proof of you having reached the targeted status?

We are specialists in the field of strategy development, strategy deployment, organizational development and human resources: executive coaching, trainings and workshops.  

Why Toccaverde?

  • because of our operational experience plus our academic methodology. Our team is composed of: 
    - Professionals with extensive operational experience at leading functions in operational business life and
    - Entrepreneurs with extensive consulting and academic experience
    This mix is our synergy and our strength: the academic argumentation and methodology combined with experience and the deep knowledge of companies’ daily operations. We are able to raise the right questions, acquire an immediate understanding of your issues and efficiently deliver tailor made solutions, how operational they might be.
  • because of our international, multicultural experience, that in turn enriches us with international and multicultural learning and best practices.
  • because of our five key values in our approach: common sense, focus on the essential, structure, transparency and systematically going for the better.
  • because of our references: most valued companies that experienced our added value and their higher performance levels. Reality counts.
With our offices in Vienna, Amsterdam and São Paulo as well as speaking the languages English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Dutch, we provide easy collaboration consistently for you almost everywhere.  

There are so many opportunities to capture, so much productivity to gain, please explore our site and/or contact us at any time!