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toccaverde embodies the magic of the merger between toccaverde gmbh from Vienna (Austria) and Amaeron BV from Amsterdam (now toccaverde bv).

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I'm an avowed layman. Not even an "amateur" (derived from Latin for "lover") - as far as epidemology or virology is concerned. What about you? 

How do you deal with all this not knowing? 

Aggressive and fearful - Marshall B Rosenberg would emphatically attribute this to the desire for security, for being understood, for much of the unfulfilled. 

Selfish and egomaniacal - when no one else is paying attention to you or because you are not one of those at risk, because you have to work for others and because everyone else is generally so much better off than you? 

Or reflects compassionately and carefully (self-)caring? 

I found a text on posture in Nora Batson and I thank my teacher and friend Matthias Varga von Kibed for transfering to me:



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